The MMHA Service Training Apprenticeship (MMHASTA) has been created to train individuals to work in the multi-housing industry as service team professionals. Students learn basic carpentry, electrical, appliance repairs, plumbing, HVAC, and more.

MMHASTA’s goals are:
  • To offer vocational training to those most in need, including but not limited to non-college-bound high school students, veterans, and those individuals who desire a meaningful career change.

  • To provide a system of training and retraining for the Maryland and Baltimore prospective and current workforce.

  • To recruit and provide vocational training to those individuals desiring to become part of the rental housing industry.

  • To rapidly place those now-trained individuals into careers. This is what differentiates MMHASTA from other vocational training; namely, MMHASTA is confident that a very high percentage of our trainees will get well-paying jobs with very good benefits.

  • Train 52 people per year at NO cost to the student.

It should be noted that service technicians are competitively compensated and are typically offered benefits
that include, but are not limited to, paid time off, retirement plans, health insurance plans, and discounted

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