It's Gutter Cleaning Season! When is the Right Time?


Article Written by James Nies of RoofPro

When Is the Right Time To Have Your Gutters Cleaned?

Gutters tend to have a way of showing their wear and tear, particularly in poor weather. Since the spring is notorious for heavy rains, these are capable of showing the serious issues that arise in gutters. Property managers can schedule gutter service for any time throughout the year, so don’t feel that you’ve missed out if fall passes and you are faced with winter’s chill against your exterior. Instead, call the Pros to help you control the amount of water that enters your building.

Understanding your Gutters and the Surroundings

Not only do the gutters on your commercial building have a way of impacting the exterior when they are in poor condition, but there can also be elements of the surroundings like large trees that lead to terrible trapped moisture when the leaves cluster.

It gets better! Once we have ensured your gutters are functioning properly, we will install gutter guard systems by LeafSolution, the pioneer of the micro-mesh gutter guard industry. These guards work better than any other kind on the market to filter out anything except water. That means you’re never cleaning out your gutters again, they can never get clogged! Think about the time you’ll save by permanently crossing this off of your to-do list.

Noticing Risks around Your Gutters

It may sound strange that water would cause issues in your gutter since gutters are made to control the flow of moisture. Over time, the weight and wear and tear take its toll and lead to a host of issues that make it so that the gutters need to be replaced.

Each fall nature takes its course and disperses leaves from the trees. Often, these leaves collect and form pools within the gutter. Training the flow of water around these obstructions can not only affect your gutters, but also the landscaping and foundation below.

Debris is known to create backups in gutters and even pool into clusters that breed species of unwanted insects. Imagine if the spring and fall chore that you skipped resulted in a swarm of mosquitoes ruining your summer barbecue!

It’s critical to keep an eye on your gutters when ice forms. Not only can the weight of icicles pull the gutters from your home, but ice dams are also a huge issue in the winter. When snow melts and refreezes, it can cause the gutters to recede from the home and even enter the home causing damage to the insulation or attic ceiling.

Your cracked gutter may be the cause of your leaking basement. This type of internal damage is costly because it can ruin your possessions and leave behind strains of mold that, in the worst cases, would make your home uninhabitable. It’s hard to believe that a tiny crack in your basement could do this. Unfortunately, the reality of this damage can be costly to overlook.

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The case for Springtime Gutter Cleaning

For many property managers, clearing the gutters is a biannual project. If you’ve ever seen the clumps of biological matter coming out during the cleanup then you know it’s not overdoing it to clear the gutters twice per year. In the spring, it’s efficient to get rid of all the leaves and debris that accumulated in the winter months. You may have noticed issues likes cracks, ice damming, and buildup over the winter. Putting off the replacement or repair issues leads to the need for prompt action. Book your gutter assessment as soon as you can.

How Important is Fall Debris Removal for your Gutters?

On the other side of the calendar, a fall cleanup has several benefits. First of all, you’re “cleaning the slate” for any buildup that might occur during the winter. You’re also easing the weight that could potentially be detrimental with ice hanging along the edge. Clearing the gutters in the fall gives you a chance to check on any potential issues that might arise in the chilly, windy months ahead.

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Repair or Replace Your Commercial Gutters

How do you choose whether to repair or replace your gutters? Certainly budget is a factor if you’re trying to nurse along the funds from your association. Perhaps you find that a winter of light snow gives more flexibility for taking care of exterior projects like a gutter replacement. Whichever you decide, you’ll want a contractor team that assures you the project will be completed on budget and on time. Not only that, you don’t want to be pressured into a more expensive project than you want or need at the time. Another reason to choose a replacement over a repair is that the technology has improved over the years. If your gutters are more than 10-15 years old, it’s likely that they’re not seamless and they don’t have a gutter guard by LeafSolution.

Questions to Ask Your Gutter Technician

Beyond the general questions that our estimators hear regarding the warranty and insurance, there are many questions that are helpful in distinguishing one company from another.

The top 5 Questions our gutter technicians hear are:

  1. When will my gutter installation start and how long will it take?
  2. How will the gutter installation affect my roof warranty?
  3. How do you install seamless gutters?
  4. Can you explain how the gutter covers are installed and how they work?
  5. Do you guarantee the price in your quote? For how long?
Do My Gutters Need to be Cleaned During a Roof Replacement?

Many people think of a gutter cleaning as an “add-on” service to your roof replacement. It’s a great idea to pair the services because you can often negotiate a better deal on one or the other based on the simple reason that the team is already on site. We’ve “wow’ed” our clients before by performing light gutter repairs during a roof replacement at no extra charge. Since the two are so closely connected, doing a great job on one is even better if the other is also in top shape.

Help! I Noticed Roofing Granules in My Gutter

There’s a telltale sign that your roof shingles are experiencing wear and tear. Check your gutters and downspouts for granules from the shingles. Not only will these granules cause clogs as they continue to recede over time, but also it shows that the shingles have aged and are not resilient to the weather any more. According to Roofpedia:

The granules on asphalt shingle roofs are adhered to asphalt shingles in order to protect the asphalt from the uv rays of the sun and to give the roof a better visual appearance. If the granules are lost, then the asphalt begins to be exposed thus causing deterioration.

What to Look For in a Gutter Contractor

When hiring for a commercial job to replace or repair gutters, you can request multiple quotes and compare the available companies. You’ll want to choose a pro who only uses the strongest materials available. Knowledge and experience in gutter and roof repair are critical. Your RoofPRO experts will come out for repair or replacement when you experience rusting, cracks, sagging, leaks, pooled water, or if your gutters have just passed an age (15-20 years) when it is necessary. Contact us online or by calling (410) 428-6806 for a free quote today!